Cardi B and Ariana Grande Still Talk

Cardi B and Ariana Grande Still Talk

Cardi B remembers Takeoff’s ‘remarkable talent’ and ‘dope’ personality

Published Dec 04, 2017

Cardi B remembers Takeoff’s’remarkable talent’ and ‘dope’ personality

Cardi B is still in love with the guy she met on Twitter back in September. Even though he’s now a couple of months her senior, she’s still in touch with the pop star, who she believes is one of the most talented and doper personalities in the game — especially when it comes to her music. That is, until he got back together with the model, singer, and now, his wife, Ariana Grande, last week.

“Last week we all got back together,” she told us last night at the MTV Video Music Awards (S.F.) about her feud with Takeoff. “It’s crazy, for real. We don’t even talk to each other anymore, like, on camera, no. We do everything from Twitter to Instagram. We’re still in love with each other, like, for real.”

That’s probably the understatement of the year. The couple is taking time off from working together — Ariana, 25, is currently in the studio on tour with her fellow “Sweetener” and “God is a Woman” hitmakers Halsey. But despite the split, one thing we’re still sure of is that they’ll always have each other’s back no matter what.

“We always talk to each other,” Ariana told us. “At every single stage. Even in my show and stuff like, as a mom, I talk to my sister. We always text back and forth. I keep that in my life for the kids. Even though he’s in a relationship, you can still text him back and he will always answer you.”

With all the drama going on, it’s probably fair to say that neither singer has much to say on the

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