Jay Leno is expected to spend Thanksgiving at home with his family

Jay Leno is expected to spend Thanksgiving at home with his family

After severe burns, Jay Leno leaves the hospital for a ‘wonderful’ Thanksgiving at home

Jay Leno visited the ER at New York-Presbyterian’s Harlem Hospital on Friday and was scheduled to leave for Thanksgiving with the rest of the cast of his sitcom Two and a Half Men.

The comedian, 57, arrived at Harlem Hospital around 3:30 p.m. but was “already walking” by 2:30 a.m., his manager, Mark Gill, told media. Leno is expected to be discharged by Thanksgiving.

Jay’s visit has sparked a debate about whether public figures should be allowed to visit burn centers in the hospital — for example, when actor Heath Ledger was hospitalized at NewYork-Presbyterian Burn Center in January 2015 with second-degree burns over 60 percent of his body. According to Ledger’s mother, the actor told her that he intended to go to the hospital to visit his two kids while in intensive care.

As previously reported by Newsday, Leno had planned to spend Thanksgiving in New York with his family. Newsday’s Mike Vaccaro said that Leno is “getting a good head start on the holiday,” which he will attend with his kids and wife, Jessica, 60.

Vaccaro said he was “stunned” to learn that Leno planned to spend Thanksgiving at home, where he is “getting a good night’s sleep before he goes home” to Los Angeles.

Jay Leno will spend the Thanksgiving holiday at home with wife Jessica, but is expected to return to the hospital next week for medical follow-up.

“He’ll be off his feet,” Vaccaro said. “This is the most unselfish guy you’ll ever meet.”

Jay Leno, 57, is a former cast member of “Two and a Half Men”.

The comedian, who is recovering from an apparent severe burn to his head and chest, has also been a guest at other hospitals. He

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