Rudy Salas is the Right Choice for Congress

Rudy Salas is the Right Choice for Congress

Your guide to the California Congressional District 22 race: Rep. David Valadao vs. Rudy Salas

This one’s personal for me: Rudy Salas is the brother of my best friend. And Rudy is a friend to many. His heart always beats for the people of our district, and in no way am I discounting his good intentions as he’s tried to make the difficult decision that was so difficult that we had to make for ourselves.

Here at my side during the campaign we’ve spent most of our time talking about what we’d love to do together if we could get to Washington. We’ve talked about how we would move the country forward together and change the course of the day for good by working together to get more jobs done for the people of California and for the world.

Rudy and I are part of a bipartisan family, and I will always vote for anyone who shares my values. The only difference between me and Rudy? Rudy will never vote for Donald Trump, period.

I first met David Valadao when I was an editor at the Oakland Tribune – and he was my editor. After I became the editorial page editor, he hired me on to be his political editor. Rudy has been there for me and been a partner in every single step of my career. If it were not for David and Rudy, I wouldn’t have become a newspaper editor in the Bay Area.

Rudy is one of those guys who lives life by his faith and his convictions. He’s a man of integrity and conscience. He’s not afraid of taking a stand and speaking his mind. He just gets up to go to work and he’s back on time. I am so impressed with David, Rudy and everyone they’re able to reach.

David is the right choice for Congress because of his background and his principles. He’s a patriot, he’s

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