The Democratic Party’s Social Justice-minded Position

The Democratic Party’s Social Justice-minded Position

Democrats Promote Tough-on-Crime Credentials as Party Plays Defense Against Ailing Economy

Washington, DC – The Democratic Party’s tough-on-crime credentials in the wake of the nation’s economic collapse are being put to the test as the party plays defense in the war on the poor, many of them immigrants who are living precariously in the shadows of crime.

In the last several days, the party was confronted with an economic reality and the consequences of its policies of a decade of increasing poverty, inequality, and a growing homeless population.

As a result of the Democrats’ failed policies of raising taxes on the wealthy and cutting public expenditures, the average American tax burden has grown much larger. The cost of education and health care has soared with the Democrats’ cuts in both and the resulting lack of access resulting in even further poverty. The number of people on food stamps has doubled as a result of the Democrats’ policies of increasing taxes on the poor. The Democrats’ spending cuts have increased the number of people on food stamps from 45 million in 2007 to 78 million by 2013.

In the Democratic Party of the last decade, the number of homeless grew from one million in 2000 to two million in 2005.

This rising tide of poverty is forcing the Democrats to choose between a failed policy of increasing taxes on the wealthy while the economy is at a standstill or an economically failed policy of spending cuts that will result in even greater poverty.

In the midst of this economic and social crisis, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) announced on February 9, 2013, the Democrats would soon take up legislation “to create a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.” This would include a “path” to citizenship only to immigrants with families already living in the country. It would not apply to illegal immigrants who have only been in the country for a short time and have limited connections to American society. The legislation would be aimed at immigrants, not at illegal immigrants.

Reid’s move was in keeping with the Democrats’ increasingly political views. As the party turns from a party of economic conservatism to one that seeks social justice, Reid’s move was seen as a move toward a more social-justice-minded position. However, Reid was trying to appease Hispanic voters and other social conservatives by offering the most anti-immigrant bill to his party in his party’

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