The Orange County Transportation Authority Resigns After Internal Audit Finds He Made Misconduct

The Orange County Transportation Authority Resigns After Internal Audit Finds He Made Misconduct

Orange County Transportation Corridors Agencies head resigns after investigation into alleged misconduct

A transportation agency executive who was an interim chairman of the board and an interim chief executive officer of a transit agency in Orange County has resigned after an investigation determined he repeatedly made improper payments, including to a now-indicted businessman.

The decision by the Orange County Transportation Authority, which oversees public transportation on behalf of the county and its residents, was announced Tuesday in an online statement that said officials were taking action in response to findings from an internal audit by the Office of the Chief Auditor.

The authority said in an email to the county’s Office of Public Safety, the department was notified recently of a “potential issue.”

Orange County Transportation Authority interim chairman Frank Rodriguez announced Tuesday his resignation after an investigation led the agency to conclude he inappropriately spent time on the board and as CEO of an Orange County transit agency, and that he did not act in good faith when dealing with public and board members.



The former chairman of Orange County Transportation Authority was removed from the board Thursday evening and placed on “administrative leave” without pay, the authority said.

Under the leadership of interim chairman Frank Rodriguez, the Orange County Transportation Authority oversaw Orange County Transit in Orange County’s North county, which runs an expansive network of buses, light rail lines, streetcar and ferry service.

The authority said in their statement that Rodriguez resigned in response to an “internal issue” that took place in early 2019.

“The Orange County Transit system has been and continues to be an inclusive, equitable, safe and successful transit system that has been extremely successful under this interim chairman,” the authority said in the statement. “The OCRTA is confident that once Rodriguez takes a leave of absence on medical reasons under a full-time physician, the OCRTA Board will be in a stronger position to move forward in fulfilling his responsibilities as chairman

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