The Truth About Abortion

The Truth About Abortion

Goldberg: Herschel Walker may be lying about an ex-girlfriend’s abortion. Does it matter?

When Herschel Walker came out with an abortion story, he told the story as if he were a witness. (Photo: UPI)

The headline on the front page of an April 1, 2018, USA Today article was simple: “Heather Sings About Abortion: She’s Too Shamed.” The story was about singer and actress Heather Morris, who had apparently shared a Facebook post about having abortions with someone in the music community. The story was accompanied by a photo of Morris, wearing a flowery blue dress, with her head down, looking at the sky — a photo that, for many, seemed to epitomize a woman who had just had an abortion.

Many who read this headline were shocked because, of course, abortion is illegal in the U.S.

But that post may not have been what Walker was talking about. The story he told was an elaborate lie — a lie of omission. In reality, Walker did not tell an abortion story.

The lie was about a woman whom Walker had dated in the early aughts. In the summer of 2016, Walker met “an ex-girlfriend named Rachel, a dancer who has worked with the likes of Janet Jackson, Pink and Beyoncé.” Rachel had asked Walker to go on a date, and he knew what was coming. She would explain that Rachel’s mother had recently died and that their mother had wanted Rachel’s brother to come stay with them; her mother also wanted Walker to get a place to live on his own. Rachel didn’t want Walker to have to bring money because she would want Rachel to have more money for her own funeral; Rachel would also want the helpWalker was giving to her mother.

Walker did not know much about Rachel’s background. He only knew that she was “a ballet dancer who has a dance background but hasn’t acted or sung professionally for a few years.” At first, his response to Rachel’s offer was flat-out rejection. “I said I’m busy with the theater. I didn’t want to go on a date with someone who doesn’t have a chance to show me around, who doesn

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