Trump Invited Rabbis to White House

Trump Invited Rabbis to White House

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President Trump’s Jewish allies are denouncing an invitation he extended to a rabbi and two rabbis who have been praised by the president and who have been sharply critical of Israel.

The Rev. Alton Kelley and Rabbi Brad Miskin, founders of the Southern Baptist World Outreach Center, spoke at the White House last week and shared their opposition to Israel’s policies toward Palestinians. The invitation to them was made by Trump’s son-in-law and White House senior adviser Jared Kushner.

The two rabbis have been a mainstay on Trump’s agenda for nearly two years, appearing at his rallies, delivering anti-Israel sermons, speaking on television screens, and meeting with Trump officials.

“I am pleased to have them in the White House,” Trump said on March 30 at a meeting with the Jewish leaders. “Their visit was a true testimony of the power of prayer to unite, to bring people together, and to heal deep wounds.”

White House officials say Kushner discussed the rabbi’s invitation with Kelley before the two rabbis were invited, but they were not asked to attend the White House meeting with the president.

Kushner, who was in Israel for the funeral of an Israeli soldier killed in the Gaza Strip, had been working for months to bring Kelley and Miskin to the White House. Kelley and Miskin traveled to Israel in March 2017 to hold a conference called “A Vision for Peace,” where they endorsed the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement and gave remarks about how their group is committed to ending Israeli apartheid and the occupation.

Kushner did not consult any White House officials before bringing the rabbi and rabbis to the White House.

“The rabbi and rabbi were invited on a private invitation from Mr. Kushner for a private meeting at the White House, and all we know is what the president said he wanted,” said Dina Habib, who traveled with Kelley and Miskin to Israel for the conference.

In a statement, Stephen Miller, who was White House senior policy adviser under President Trump, praised Trump for inviting the two rabbis on behalf of Kushner, adding, “it shows his commitment to helping people from different faiths find common ground.”

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