Wonder Woman’s comments about #MeToo are hardly surprising

Wonder Woman’s comments about #MeToo are hardly surprising

Opinion: What calls to boycott ‘The Woman King’ are really saying:

Lana Winters, who plays Wonder Woman in the hit series, has come under fire for comments she made about the #MeToo movement, which was sparked by allegations against Harvey Weinstein, the man accused of sexual harassment, rape and assault on an ongoing basis by dozens of women.

The comments Winters made, which were made in an interview with W Magazine, caused outrage on social media and were seen by some as misogynistic.

In response to a question about her opinion of the movement’s progress, Winters responded: “We’ve come a long way baby. We’ve come a long way baby.” These comments, according to others, were seen as a sexist jab at women and to suggest that they are not “real” enough to be taken seriously.

But for a woman who plays a superhero as Wonder Woman in the hit series “The CW’s” The Flash” on the network, Winters’ comments are hardly surprising.

The series, which is about a superhero named Barry Allen, stars the actress as Nora Allen, who is a highly intelligent, talented, and dedicated scientist who has a secret. She is a member of the Justice League and is one of the few that have seen their powers return after an accident in 1973 that stripped them of their abilities. Unfortunately, they are not the same as before the accident. Instead, she now wears a mask that allows her to control electricity and manipulate force-field technology in different ways. Because of this, Nora now is called “Wonder Woman.”

Of course, the character is inspired by the fictional character, Wonder Woman, who is usually depicted fighting injustice, protecting the weak and offering hope to everyone. The character is one of the main characters of DC comics, the universe of DC Comics which revolves around heroes that fight in front of the law to defend freedom and justice. And yes, the woman who is depicted as Wonder Woman is female, but it is not because she is a woman, it is because the character was created by and is based on a woman.

However, when this series was made, Winters was very young, she was 23 years old and she had a career and was very successful, especially with her work as television actress and model, and she seemed to have no issues

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