Carlos Alcaraz Wins US Open for the First Time in a Year

Carlos Alcaraz Wins US Open for the First Time in a Year

Carlos Alcaraz speaks with CNN after US Open win

(CNN) Carlos Alcaraz just wants to watch the rest of his life go by.

“I feel like I have nothing,” he said. “I’m going to go play the rest of my life. I’m done. I will continue to play tennis because I want to go to the Olympics. I want to go. I’ve already done more than I could in my life. I want to keep on being a tennis player.”

Alcaraz is an American, but he is a Venezuelan. He represents all of the tennis players who have been displaced by the coronavirus epidemic, and the tournament’s Grand Slams are being played in America for the first time in nearly a year.

He has lost more than two years of his potential as a player and was forced to miss the first two grand slam events, an 8-hour flight after the death of a friend, and a day after a game of doubles with world No. 2 Milos Raonic.

But now he has conquered all of that. He has won the US Open.

“I think I can go on as a pro tennis player if I want, if I want,” he said. “It happens to everyone, right?”

Alcaraz’s journey begins

A year ago, Alcaraz had already started to lose his mind.

A few weeks after he turned pro in December 2017, he was the last man standing at the USTA National Championships.

It was the first time he had ever won the title, and he was in shock.

“I won the title, and then I was just in disbelief,” he said. “Nothing in my life was going the way I thought it was going to go.”

A year after turning pro, Carlos Alcaraz in his first grand slam final in the US Open.

Since that win

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