Mayor Tom Butt Resigns to Join U.N.

Mayor Tom Butt Resigns to Join U.N.

His term expiring, Garcetti pushes hard for job as ambassador to India.

Mayor Tom Butt resigned as mayor to become U.N. ambassador, leaving one seat open that will be filled by Garcetti.

In an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Garcetti called Butt’s resignation “the worst decision of my lifetime.”

“He was a good friend and a good man and a good mayor,” Garcetti told host Chuck Todd.

Garcetti said he has a plan to fill the mayor’s seat quickly, adding that he didn’t feel the need to wait.

“When I was mayor of San Antonio, I was focused on finding ways to help other cities,” he said. “In San Antonio, we were able to do that.”

The mayor did admit he had considered his own bid for governor. But he said that decision is not one he is making.

“I’ve had some time with the country. I’ve got a new mayor,” he said. “I’ve got a whole new city and I have a whole new mayor. We all have different jobs to do.”

Garcetti went on to say that voters are rejecting the idea of giving political money to political campaigns to help the candidates pay for campaign ads.

In an op-ed, Butt wrote that he was stepping down because he was “convinced that my time in public service has come to an end.”

“It has been an honor to serve you, my city, as mayor and city council,” he wrote.

In a press release from the mayor’s office, Butt said he has been honored by the city of San Antonio “during my entire tenure.” He added that he will continue to be a advocate for San Antonio’s priorities.

“Sitting on the mayor’s council has been a humbling experience, a role that has allowed me to play a bigger role in San Antonio’s future success,” Butt wrote. “If I can help one person from another country enjoy his or her freedom to do something good in their day, then I will feel successful.”

Butt had been expected to be the mayor of San Antonio for more

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